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From Save our Pistol Grips campaign

Subject: Campaign to unite firearm owners


We are contacting you as a an organisation whose membership will be interested in supporting

On December 11th 2013, the Arms Amendment Act 2012 will come into force. The effects of this amendment will instantly turn thousands of sports people into criminals due to the ownership of equipment they have lawfully chosen to enjoy their sport.

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Gary Elmes on ATT meeting 26/9/13

There were maybe 30 people or so there last night. I had a bit of a chat with Grant Bayldon, the Amnesty International guy, before the meeting kicked off – he seemed fairly reasonable and level-headed.

The three speakers were as billed. Grant from Amnesty was up first. His pitch was evenly split between (a) the many and various nasty things that happen in conflict zones around the World, (b) how the big arms-supplying nations historically haven’t given a shit about this, pursuing arms trade for economic and geopolitical reasons, and (c) how the ATT came about through grass-roots people power orchestrated by Amnesty and similar organisations.

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Dear SSANZ Members,

It is with some regret that I write this my last editorial as I find I am no longer able to continue as President of SSANZ.

It has been my mission this year to bring you more regular newsletters and to improve the administration of the Association.Some of this has been achieved. SSANZ is desperately in need of new blood to serve on the committee and so if you feel that SSANZ is a worthwhile organisation I urge you to attend the AGM on 24 November and get involved.

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